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Witness from Lucky Shot Today

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Apologies to everyone inconvenienced by our temporary closure of Lucky Shot today. We had to do that to keep everyone safe while we landed a helicopter at the top (the down-slope “top”) of Little Portillo, to quickly evacuate a patient.

We’re looking for witness to the collision (the collision itself, not just the aftermath) that occurred on Lucky Shot about 10:00am. If you’re one, please call us at (360) 663-3060.


  • Nancylazara

    My brother in law was injured in the accident – we’d sure like to know what happened. Also would be interested in video of the helicopter or ANY other information. 
    nancylazara@yahoo:disqus .com

    • Kim Kircher

      We are hoping the best for your brother in law. Hopefully you can give us some good updates soon.
      Kim Kircher

  • Nancylazara

    Here is the link if you want to track his medical progress.