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Ross Gregg: “Vintage” Crystal Skier

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Ross Gregg is a legend at Crystal Mountain. He’s been skiing here since the beginning, and he’s just as stylish today as he ever was. Ross is a retired Crystal ski patroller. His truck can be found in the parking lot on any given midweek day. He’s a constant presence here. Most recently I’ve seen him cycling the gondola and laying out his fluid turns on the groomers. But on a powder day, you might see Ross on fat skis. It’s been known to happen. However, he recently told me he’d grown tired of fat skis. He prefers his 205s. They’re 66mm under foot and that’s plenty wide for Ross.

His technique might be “antique” but Ross isn’t. He’s a kid at heart. Just watch him.

He’s graceful, stylish and artful. As Ross claims, “It’s a thrill to go fast, but it’s an art to turn.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. High-five Ross. You will always be my favorite ski bum.

  • Timmy

    Classic. Love it.

  • Fskchun

    Antique he is. We were on a same gondola the other day. Not a friendly fellow but a cranky fellow, and does not represent the ski culture we embrace. Perhaps because our group was on big fat boards.

  • Nancy

    This is the way skiing is meant to look–graceful.  Love it Ross.   I want to ski just like you.

  • packrat

    Thanks for that but I think I will stick with my shaped skis even though it might be fun to try my old pair of head skis I purchased back in the mid fifties.