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February 18th Tour of Crystal

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I’m really excited about all the feedback from the last blog post about skiing with a patroller and learning the ins-and-outs of Crystal.  Kim and I will go through all the input and come up with a way to go over all your questions on Saturday February 18th.  We’ll meet by the Easy Searcher on the South side of Campbell Basin Lodge at noon so you can get in some good turns that morning.  All ages are welcome and if we have a lot of people we can divide up into interest groups so come with questions.   We look forward to skiing with you!

  • Caron

    Since that is still busy time for the ski school, is it possible to do another one later?  Especially if this one is successful.

    • Christina

      Yes, we can do another if this one works well and there is interest.  Thanks for reminding me about ski school.

  • Brian McDermott

    Good stuff.

    BTW, I had to move away a few years ago for work and am only able to get back once a year. This blog keeps me plugged in. Truly excellent work. Thank you.

    Brian McD

  • Newintown

    what kind of tour? what is it that you will be showing me?

    • Christina

      We are going to meet at the Campbell Lodge at noon to go through some of the ins-and-outs around Crystal.  We’ll look at South openings, North gates, rope lines, closures, speed control, really anything there are questions about.  Check out the previous blog call “Tour of Crystal with a Patroller.”